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Photo Luminescent Film FG302
    • Photo Luminescent Film FG302
Detailed Product Description:

Detailed Product Description
FG302 Photo Luminescent Film
Acrylic, Screen Printable
Glow Duration: 5 hours 

FG302 Photo Luminescent Film
1. Luminescent Value:
The initial lighting source is 1000LX; activating time is 15 minutes,the luminescent value at 5 seconds    ≥   4000  mcd/m2,the luminescent value at 30 minutes   ≥     15  mcd/m2,the luminescent value at 60 minutes   ≥      8  mcd/m2,the luminescent value at 300 minutes  ≥    1.5  mcd/m2.
2. Type of Adhesive: Pressure-Sensitive Type
3. Strength of Adhesive: after sticking to the board for 24 hours, at the condition of  0.8kg, 5min, total length: 10cm,  the falling Length≤ 2cm
4. Operation temperature: 10 ----30 degree
5. Working temperature: -20 --- 60 degree (after sticking to the board for at least 7 days)
6. Storage temperature: 0 ----30 degree

Features: High initial luminance, long afterglow time, good weather resistance, easy for computer cutting, non-toxic products, no radioactivity, good stability, printable.

Application aeras: safety guidance, place signs, urban traffic, mine, fire emergency signs

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