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Reflective Prismatic TM7900
    • Reflective  Prismatic TM7900
Detailed Product Description:

1. Using micro-prism molding, vacuum deposition technology to produce. As replacement of traditional bead type reflective sheetings, the new production will establish a new image.

2. Microprisms retroreflective performance superior product, reflective performance greatly exceeded GB / T18833-2012 engineering grade reflective sheeting ( type) and the requirements of ASTM D4956 a US-based film, the data is 2-3 times more than the latter; over GB super engineering grade reflective sheeting ( class a) at or near high-strength grade membrane ( class) requirements.

3. Product 7 years outdoor use, the warranty period reflective film does not fade, not powder, do not fall off and so on.

4. The products look beautiful, day and night vision are good, higher grade signs; the use of paste, easy carving.

5. The product is more environmentally friendly, reduce environmental pollution.

6. Widely used in the production of road signs and signage and other permanent facilities operation area, the production of various types of mining and industrial, commercial logos.

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