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Why should the wrecker be used as a reflective film?
 Jun 02, 2017|View:802
  1. Due to regulations.

According to the regulations, where the goods and trailers on the road are required to paste the reflective logo on demand, the total weight of more than 3.5 tons of goods vehicles and trailers to be installed on the side of the rear protective device, offenders will be a warning or 200 yuan fine. The wrecker in line with the standard of large trucks, so need to paste the license plate reflective film.

2. Reflective film has the necessary benefits

It is observed that driving at night is prone to traffic accidents, and in the car posted reflective film can avoid the occurrence of rear-end accident. Imagine, at night when the vehicle is in a quiescent state, or on the road throwing anchor, no fire when the marked, such as lighting can not be used, can make a distant car to see the contours of the body, to avoid from the rear hit on.

In addition to the above two reasons, we have to consider the characteristics of wrecker. For example, wreckers are mainly used for emergency road rescue, rescue, etc., sometimes at night also attendance. Night wrecker work, the body of the reflective label can play well, long-distance reminder of the rear driver to avoid the role of avoidance. In such circumstances, you can not paste the license plate reflective film?

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