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Our product TM1800 CE Certificate
 Jun 21, 2016|View:752

Our product TM1800 CE Certificate

Owning CE Certificate means the product gets passport to the European market.

CE certification, which is limited to the basic safety requirements without compromising product safety of humans, animals and goods, rather than the general quality requirements, coordination of instruction only provides the main requirements of the general instructions to the standard task. Therefore, the exact meaning is: CE mark is a safety approval mark rather than quality mark. It constitutes the core of the European directive "main requirements."

"CE" mark is a safety certification mark, the manufacturer is considered open and a passport to enter the European market. CE on behalf of European unification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE).

In the EU market "CE" mark is a mandatory certification mark, whether within the EU enterprise products, or products of other countries, in order to free circulation in the EU market, it is necessary to add "CE" mark to indicate that the product in line with "technical coordination and standardization of new methods," the basic requirements of the EU directive. This is a mandatory requirement of EU law on the products.

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