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2013 Guangzhou Advertising exhibition
 Apr 11, 2013|View:406

March 1st -March 4th 2013, we take part in the 2013 Guangzhou Advertising Exhibition .

The exhibition stand number is 10.1 K43 in district B

Exhibition showcased a micro prism, high-strength grade, engineering grade, license plates, car stickers, reflective vests and other transportation products, the focus of the promotion is still developed a new class of micro-prism reflective film. This exhibition, companies use the electronic screen on the stand, loop the company and corporate image films new videos, so that exhibitors, more intuitive and detailed understanding of corporate culture the company's products. The three-day exhibition, the company reached a predetermined publicity, to discuss a lot of customer interest, after the exhibition, the company will continue to follow up sales.

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