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The Seventh China International Road Transport Security Expo
 Aug 20, 2015|View:469

Exhibition: The Seventh China International Road Transport Security Expo

Exhibitors Time: August 12, 2015 - August 14

Exhibition Venue: China International Exhibition Center (old building)

Exhibitors: Lu Yaquan, Wang Wenjun, Chen Jian, Yan Zhikun

The Seventh China International Road Transport Security Expo on August 12 is opening.

Director of Sales Lu Yaquan and other internal sales representative participated in the exhibition.

The fair's theme is "innovation to change transportation, science and technology to lead the future"

Our philosophy is to showing our advanced technology products, leading the development of industry,

services, public security combat, popularize knowledge of traffic safety.

According to traffic safety work needs, among our businesses, users and road safety experts to provide

a communication platform for cooperation and trade.

Fair area of nearly 20,000 square meters, more than 710 booths, from domestic and foreign well-known

manufacturers of more than 200 companies in the exposition.

After the micro prism new conference and motor vehicle license plate forum, The Seventh China

International Road Transport Security Expo wil be a good chance for promoting our products.

On the show, the company exhibited micro prism, high-strength grade, engineering grade, license

plates, car stickers, reflective vests and other transportation products, promote new research and

development is still the focus of the micro-prism-reflective film.

On the other hand, companies use the electronic screen on the stand, loop the company and the

company's new promo image of the film, so that exhibitors customers more intuitive understanding

of the company culture and detail the company's products.

The three-day event, scheduled to reach the company's publicity, the intention to negotiate

a large number of customers, after the exhibition, the company clerk will continue to follow up.

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