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Frequently Asked Questions
 Jun 27, 2016|View:737

Q1:Features and identification of key points about TM conspicuity marking

A1:1)Our products are scaly pattern. High weather resistance, high retroreflectivity, visibility and strong, good flexibility, high adhesive strength. In bad weather can keep good retroreflectivity and durability.

2)The white part of a red "TM" trademark, "Class Two", 3C certification logo and factory code "C000368".

3)Using a special printing technology.

4)Bright color:obvious even in the daytime


Q2:Why we need conspicuity marking?

A2:Tong Ming Conspicuity Marking make vehicles more visible and help to protect the motorists. Drivers always rely on what they can see. In the evening, vehicles with Tong Ming Conspicuity Markings will provide better visual information,safer when moving or stop aside.


Q3:We offer other products

A3:We also have Reflective Fabric, reflective heat transfer, reflective stamping, and all kinds of marking signs, luminescent doorplate, luminescent signs, maritime affairs sheeting, etc. We also can produce reflective material for different specifications according to the request of the customs.


Q4:Operation points for attention

A4:1)It is better to keep and cut the reflective sheeting under 18℃~28℃.

2)The comparative humidity should be 50%±10%, and the circumstance and the tool should be clean.

3)The residual sheeting should be rolled back tightly along the primary direction and fasted (the inner diameter should longer than 10cm). Please refer to the Specification for more details.

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