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Use of new materials raises new level of technology
 Dec 02, 2019|View:566

Compared with the traditional lettering film, the one-time reflective film has the characteristics of bright colors, firm ink, not easy to fade, high reflective brightness, and strong visibility. The application of the new material for the one-time reflective film has improved the production process of the reflective logo there, showing three major advantages:

The first is to shorten time. Production tasks that previously took 25-30 minutes to complete can now be completed in 3-5 minutes.

Second, simplify the production process. Originally, a reflective film had to be completed through several processes such as “lettering, exposing, blanking, trimming, and filming”, and during the filming process, it was necessary to measure with a ruler to find the center. The production process is now simplified to just "stick"

It can be completed in one step, and the film becomes simpler and easier to operate. You can quickly and accurately produce a qualified reflective mark by just finding an edge.

Third, save production costs. Originally, the production of a reflective sign required cutting the entire sheet of reflective film material according to requirements. There will always be some leftovers left, resulting in waste of material. One-time forming of the reflective film fundamentally solved this problem.


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