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New energy vehicle number plate reflective film
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New Energy Vehicle License Plate Project Introduction:

新能源.pngNew energy vehicle number plates are divided into small new energy vehicle number plates and large new energy vehicle number plates. Small new energy vehicle plates use gradient green reflective film, and large new energy vehicle plates use yellow and green reflective film.

Product introduction:

Color: gradient green (small car), yellow and green (large car)

Size: 480mm × 145 mm per unit

Specifications: The width of each roll of reflective film is 145mm ± 1mm, the length is generally 240m ± 0.5m, each unit is 480mm ± 1mm, and each roll of film contains 500 units. There are positioning marks on the 4 corners of each unit. Each unit shall have a positioned three-dimensional spiral, an inter-layer watermark logo and a special logo for the new energy vehicle number plate.

Apparent features: 3D double helix with light field 3D printing



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