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How does a car's license plate reflective sheeting for Indonesia work?
 Dec 29, 2022|View:61

Why is the car's license plate reflective sheeting for Indonesia reflective? Anyone who has driven at night probably knows that when driving on the road at night, it is easy to see road signs and license plates in the distance when illuminated by headlights. But do you know why this is? I believe that many of our friends do not quite understand, so here are some answers to your doubts.

car's license plate reflective sheeting for Indonesia,

We can consider this from two aspects. Firstly, the angle of placement of road signs and license plates is almost always directly opposite the beam of light projected from the vehicle. This way the reflected light returns in the original direction and is less likely to be reflected in other directions. This is also known as specular reflection.

In addition, the coating of the signage is made up of a number of special materials. They are covered with countless tiny transparent glass spheres, which serve to reflect light coming from one direction back in the direction from which it came by means of the principle of refraction. As the light from the car is coming from a distance and the glass spheres on the coating are extremely fine, the light from the car hitting the sign can be seen as parallel light. The light enters the glass sphere in the normal direction, i.e. the angle of incidence is equal to zero and the light travels in the original direction, which greatly reduces the amount of light energy lost due to reflection. The light transmitted through the glass sphere is finally reflected, and the reflected light is then bent back in the original direction of incidence, which is where it enters the human eye. The special material structure of the surface coating helps to enhance the reflected light.

Of these two aspects, the latter is the more important factor, so at night vehicle lights shining on the signage produce a strong reflective effect. The reflective coating uses the principle of micro-prismatic crystal regression reflection to produce a strong reflective effect even when illuminated by other distant light sources and reflects back to the light source. Car license plates and road signs use high refractive index glass beads with aluminum plating on the rear half of the surface as a backward reflector, with strong retro-reflective properties, which can reflect 85% of the light directly back to the light source, the brightness caused by the retro-reflection, can make the driver and with the light source at night or poor vision to clearly see pedestrians or obstacle targets, to ensure the safety of both sides.

The above is the principle of road plate reflective sheeting, hope it can help you better understand our products, if you are looking for car's license plate reflective sheeting for Indonesia, please contact us directly.

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