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How to identify fake and shoddy reflective logos
 Dec 04, 2019|View:942

As more and more families own vehicles, the reflective body marking market has also grown rapidly in recent years, which has also led to the proliferation of counterfeit reflective markings on the market. So how can we identify the reflective markings of inferior car bodies to reduce economic losses? Here we talk about the characteristics of qualified body reflective markings.



First, the reflective body markings that meet the requirements have the following characteristics

1, with reflective performance;

2, the pattern and logo are clear;

3, the patterns are all on the inner layer;

4. The white unit has a logo, including CCC certification mark, factory code, manufacturer logo, material grade, etc., and the logo is not easy to erase.

Second, the identification method of counterfeit and shoddy body reflective marks

1. Identify according to the reflection effect. The role of body reflective signs is mainly reflected at night, so products that are not reflective at night or in a dark environment are counterfeit products. The identification method is: use a strong flashlight or a small flashlight to check at night or in a dark environment. The reflective logo of the car body is facing the observer with a viewing distance of 1m. Place the flashlight close to the cheeks and the eyes, and turn on the flashlight to illuminate the reflective logo of the car body. Qualified products should have a strong reflective effect, and those that are not or are not obvious are counterfeit products. Such fake and shoddy products mainly include laser paper products and advertising paper products.

2. Recognize according to the pattern logo. Counterfeit products often do not have the unique pattern of the reflective body markings on the body. Even if some counterfeit products have a pattern, the pattern is fuzzy and unclear, and there is no special mark such as the CCC mandatory certification mark, factory code, manufacturer's logo and material grade. Some products do not have any patterns, logos, and are inferior products.


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