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New energy vehicle number plate design concept
 Dec 13, 2019|View:1319

New energy vehicle number plate design concept

New energy vehicle number plates are divided into small new energy vehicle number plates and large new energy vehicle number plates. Small new energy vehicle plates use gradient green reflective film, and large new energy vehicle plates use yellow and green reflective film.

1. The plate color and layout design are more personalized.

Green is the most common color in nature, which represents safety, life, peace, nature, environmental protection, vitality, etc. Green is used in a large area in the design of new energy plates, and its environmental protection and safety concepts are fully consistent with new energy vehicles. We selected from more than twenty greens such as tea green, apple green, yellow green, dark green, and emerald that are common in nature. We conducted color matching tests and visual recognition on the reflective film, and finally selected some that appeared-turquoise. The new energy car number plate uses gradient turquoise, which gradually fades from bottom to top, and the large car number plate uses yellow and green dual color; the color is bright, and the layout design is not lost in the atmosphere, which is more personalized than the 92 type plate.

2.The font design is flexible and easy to identify from a distance.

The province abbreviations, English and numbers used in the new energy plate have been redesigned, which is more beautiful and durable than the 92 type font, and has both steel and softness, and is easier to identify with long distances and electronic snapshots. In the type 92 plate, O and 0 are basically the same and cannot be easily identified. The new design scheme is in line with international standards and is easier to identify.

3. The production process of brand film is more difficult and reaches the international leading level.

In addition to extending the full performance of the original license plate film, the new energy brand film also adopts the following new processes:

(1) The color adopts the micro-computer automatic color printing technology, which is printed between layers. The color cannot be erased by solvent or special method. Everyone knows that in order to achieve overprint accuracy, the width of general package printing presses is less than 1m, and the total width of the reflective film in the production process reaches 1.3m, and the surface of the flexible resin material must be printed. The slight deformation of the material will make the pattern impossible. Registration. In the production process of surface resin coating and printing, we will produce in a dust-free workshop with class 10,000 accuracy to ensure the flatness and printability of the resin material.

(2) The focusing layer of glass microbeads uses micron-level optical coating technology and coating technology to ensure that the bottom of the high-refractive glass microsphere spheres form a reflective focus of 10 microns ± 1 micron.

4. The adoption of a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies, 3D light field technology leading international synchronization

In addition to the aforementioned multi-color overprint anti-counterfeiting, watermark anti-counterfeiting, and dynamic two-dimensional codes, new energy license plates also incorporate internationally leading 3D light field dynamic double helix. The 3D light field dynamic double helix adopts light field laser printing technology. Through dynamic etching printing of the metal reflective layer of the reflective film, the dynamic floating effect can be seen from different angles, and the depth of field before and after. If you turn the film 90 degrees, the depth of field before and after will be more obvious.


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