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Anti counterfeiting watermark design of reflective film
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License plate anti-counterfeiting technologies now mainly include laser anti-counterfeiting, electronic chip anti-counterfeiting and watermark anti-counterfeiting. Laser anti-counterfeiting generally means that a laser beam at a specific angle breaks down the metal coating to realize the pattern can be observed at a specific angle; electronic chip anti-counterfeiting is to put the chip in the license plate and detect it with a special instrument; watermark anti-counterfeiting is to print the pattern On the inner surface of the resin layer to achieve anti-counterfeiting effect. The three anti-counterfeiting technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages, and compare them from the following aspects:


Laser anti-counterfeiting

Electronic chip anti-counterfeiting

Watermark anti-counterfeiting

Inspection method

It cannot be erased by physical or chemical methods, and the pattern has strong directionality.

Facilitate on-site inspection

Through the detection and recognition of special electronic equipment, human eyes cannot recognize

It cannot be erased by physical or chemical methods, and the pattern is highly observable from multiple angles, which is especially helpful for on-site inspection and recognition by inspectors

Process and implementability

Laser anti-counterfeiting technology is quite popular and mature. It must be recognized after the product is completed. The production speed is slow; the equipment investment is small, easy to produce, and non-reflective film professional factories can also process

Advanced technology, strong reproducibility after decryption of the chip, but small equipment investment, easy to produce, non-reflective film professional factory can also process

The pattern is printed on the inner layer of the resin, the process is mature, relatively simple, and the equipment investment is large. Only professional manufacturers of reflective film can produce

Possibility of counterfeiting

Easy to fake

Easy to fake

Counterfeiting is extremely difficult

Most developed countries such as Europe and the United States use watermarks for anti-counterfeiting. For example, the European Union and Russia all print the flag and logo on the resin inner layer. The Ministry of Public Security is comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various anti-counterfeiting technologies. In order to prevent the emergence of fake license plates to the greatest extent, the Ministry of Public Security is comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various anti-counterfeiting technologies, in order to increase the cost of making fake license plates, and to facilitate the management of traffic control departments and the on-site inspection of traffic police on the road. For identification, the watermark anti-counterfeiting license plate film is most suitable for our country. Watermark anti-counterfeiting is convenient for the management department to strictly manage the reflective film production enterprises, so that special watermarks are supplied to each other. In the production of license plates, the molds are also designed for anti-counterfeiting. Through the above measures, it will effectively prevent decking or counterfeiting.

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