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Advantages of TM license plate film
 Sep 03, 2020|View:977

After nearly 3 years of research and development, Changzhou Huarisheng Reflective Material Co., Ltd. has developed a high-performance TM8200-SG screen printing and roller-coating license plate film with independent intellectual property rights.

(1) The retroreflective performance is outstanding, and the detection value under large angle conditions greatly exceeds the industry standard. For related data, please refer to the TM8200-SG license plate film test report

(2) Tensile elongation and tensile strength are the most important indicators of license plate film. Under the condition of 23℃, we tested the above two indexes of the license plate film samples of various brands, and the performance of TM8200-SG has reached the international advanced level.

(3) Excellent stamping resistance, no blackening during stamping, and convenient production and operation.

It still has good flexibility performance below 15°C.

(4) The matching ink has good screen printing, roll coating, bright color, good transparency, and outstanding weather resistance, which fully meets the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security. For the relevant test results, see the test report of TM5800 license plate film special blue oil ink.

To sum up: The comprehensive performance of "Tongming" license plate film completely reaches the level of similar products at home and abroad, and can completely replace imports.

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