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Introduction about photo luminescent tape
 Feb 16, 2022|View:401

By definition, refers to a photo luminescent tape in the environment and can make light emitting signs of convenience in the absence of light environment stickers set. The products are generally used as a polymer film substrate material processed by a special process, with high brightness, light a long time, and excellent weatherability characteristics.

photo luminescent tape

In fact, the material signs luminous film composition is not the only, PET, PVC resins, acrylic resins are composed of light emitting film material. For different needs, they can not achieve the same function. For example, the light emitting film made of an acrylic resin having good weather resistance, can be screen printed. The light emitting film made of PVC resin has good printability, you can screen printing, inkjet printing and thermal transfer.

According photo luminescent tape made of different materials, to a certain extent, be able to achieve similar functionality. This is mainly reflected in the low degree they can be used for emergency lighting, fire safety signs and general instructions and guide the identification mark.

These are the signs related to the photo luminescent tape product description, if you have this need, please contact us.

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