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How to paste car reflective film?
 Jul 04, 2016|View:463

Many customers will find a lot of problems when pasting the product, then how good it stick? Now, We recommend the following methods for our customers。


Using diluted detergent water spray your car body first before stickers;


After the reflective film affixed to the vehicle body, the membrane may move back and forth, move the stickers to the appropriate location, and then proceed as follows;


After he had finished, we need to use a phone card used to scrape out the paper in the water, and dry with hot air gun.

In fact, in addition to the above three necessary steps, we also have a lot of points to note. For example, when the car wash should be careful not to scratch sticker with a hard object, but also to forward the car wash, do not use water cannons reverse red car stickers. And since the reflective film with a layer of reflective material, resistant to tearing, so once solid paste reflective film Do not peel after a heavy stick. These are the cars we posted reflective film when needed attention.

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