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Specification for using Reflective Sheeting Sticker
 Aug 19, 2022|View:518

Reflective Sheeting Stickeris also a mandatory annual vehicle inspection program, and it's often the case that drivers are negligent and fail the annual inspection because the Sticker isn't up to code. So what makes a Reflective Sheeting Sticker compliant? How exactly does a Reflective Sheeting Sticker fit on a car? How much is appropriate? In this article, we'll share some of the things we've learned about the Reflective Sheeting Sticker by replacing it with a six-axle bin grid-mounted semitrailer.

Reflective Sheeting Sticker

1. Reflective signs need to be identified

Reflective Sheeting Sticker is a small, if unobtrusive, part of the truck kit, but the market is awash with fakes because of the requirement that every vehicle must be configured. In the case of the popular 3m Reflective Sheeting Sticker, the most obvious difference between authenticity and non-authenticity is the information label on the Sticker. Genuine 3MReflective Sheeting Sticker paper clearly shows the manufacturer's logo, 3C certification, and product class. If there is no information or incomplete information, it is definitely a fake.

2. Body position requires pasting specifications

The performance of the vehicle lighting and signaling devices specified in the standard shall not be affected after the reflective identification is affixed. And do not perforate slot or damage Reflective Sheeting stickers. If the Reflective Sheeting Sticker can not be attached directly to the body of the car because of the model or other reasons, in this case, the Reflective Sheeting Sticker should be attached first to a rigid, strong, and worn-out strip of lining, fasten the liner to the body.

3. Side Reflective Sheeting Sticker allows disconnection

Each continuous segment shall be no less than 300 mm in length and shall contain at least one unit each of the red and white body reflective markings, and the secondary body reflective markings shall not be pasted at intervals greater than 150 mm, grade I body reflective identification material paste interval should not be greater than 300 mm, the paste should be as far as possible longitudinal uniform distribution. Under special circumstances, the red and white units are allowed to be pasted separately, but the red and white units should still be kept, the length of each continuous segment should not be less than 150 mm, and the paste interval of the second-class body reflective marking material should not be more than 150 mm, grade I body reflective identification material paste interval should not be greater than 300 mm.

Reflective Sheeting Sticker is widely used and popular. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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