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Reflective Sheeting Sticker for night driving safety
 Sep 14, 2022|View:475

Up to now, the appearance of the car has brought us a lot of conveniences, but there have been a lot of traffic accidents, resulting in large or small consequences. In so many traffic accidents, truck traffic accidents account for the majority. In addition to the truck's large size, the driver's line of sight blind area, at night traffic accidents are more likely. In many cases, rear-end collisions or collisions can occur because of night vision problems that prevent you from seeing your surroundings clearly. Reflective Sheeting Sticker improves driving safety at night.

Reflective Sheeting Sticker

So what exactly is a Reflective Sheeting Sticker? How Does It Shine at night? Reflective Sheeting Sticker is a specially structured PVC film that uses optics to reflect light into a light source. The film itself does not emit light, and it needs to be reflected from other sources in order to do so. Even at night it glows brightly and is clearly perceived by others. Reflective Sheeting Sticker is typically only posted by a van or large vehicle to serve as a warning that a van is in front of the rear vehicle and to keep a safe distance. This Reflective Sheeting Sticker is highly Reflective, standard design, sun-and water-resistant, and highly adhesive. Using full prism strong reflection can effectively improve the safety of night driving. The adhesive is very strong, can be used in any weather for a long time, and will not easily fall off. The Reflective Sheeting Sticker makes it easier to spot cars on the side of the road, increasing the visibility of the rear vehicle and preventing accidents. When pasting, you should stick it firmly, be careful to stick it all at once. After a long time paste, and take off when you want to use the hair dryer after heating again. There are also a variety of color options, that can increase the appearance of trucks.

Reflective Sheeting Sticker is widely used and popular. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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