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The difference between Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting, super grade reflective sheeting, and diamond grade reflective sheeting
 Nov 02, 2022|View:712

With the development of society, there are many kinds of reflective film on the market and many names, and various reflective sheeting technologies and uses make people dazzled. There are five levels of reflective sheeting (diamond grade, super grade, high strength grade, engineering grade, advertising grade), and the most common ones in life are the three types of reflective sheeting: Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting, super grade reflective sheeting and diamond grade reflective sheeting. So what is the difference between these three types of reflective sheeting? The following will answer for you in detail.

Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting

1. Among all levels of reflective sheeting, the most special one is diamond-grade reflective sheeting, which differs from the reflective principle of glass beads used in previous reflective sheeting but uses prismatic reflective technology. The brightness of diamond-grade reflective sheeting is more than six times that of engineering grade and more than three times that of high-intensity grade. It also greatly improves the wide angle of reflective sheeting so that it can be used in traffic signs on high-grade highways and urban roads.

2. Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting is suitable for traffic signs on public roads, such as wayfinding signs, warning signs, advertising signs, etc. Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting is a durable sealed-in reflective film with lower service life and slightly less reflective brightness than diamond-grade reflective sheeting.

3. Super-strong grade reflective sheeting is also known as four types of reflective sheeting, which has a longer outdoor weather resistance of ten years compared with other reflective sheeting, so it is often used in municipal traffic signs, high-speed traffic signs bottom mold and all kinds of traffic facilities products, which can provide the long-lasting reflective effect.

Reflective sheeting is commonly used in traffic signs because of its reflective properties, so it can reflect bright and clear light even at night, which plays a major role in ensuring traffic safety.

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