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What are night glow tape used for?
 Feb 08, 2023|View:399

With the continuous improvement of safety requirements, the demand and application of night glow tape is more and more, in our life is everywhere night glow tape.

Home or office end use - Fluorescent tape can be used for a variety of needs, including stairs, marking emergency areas, lighting doors, walls and more.

night glow tape

Mark position: can be pasted on electrical switch, remote control panel, wall switch, plug, socket, lock, flashlight, door handle, handrail, fire equipment, fire rescue equipment, etc., can mark the location of its existence, easy to use!

Safety signs: safety warning figures stay in emergency evacuation channels, subway station underpasses, karaoke halls, dance halls, cinemas, supermarkets, hospitals, railway stations, airport terminals and other places.

1. Post on various devices and items.

2. Can print any image you want very well; It can be cut into any shape.

3, widely used in hotels, corridors, office buildings, theaters, warehouses, cabins, underpasses and other public safety fields.

4. Widely used in home decoration and safety, such as pasted on switches, telephones, handles, electrical appliances, stationery, toys, sports and entertainment places, etc.

The more versatile the night glow tape is, the more safety conscious people are. The night glow tape protects people from harm in the dark. Please feel free to contact us if you need to purchase night light tape.

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