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Car's license plate reflective sheeting for Kenya|About the application of reflective film
 Feb 02, 2023|View:303

What material is used for car's license plate reflective sheeting for Kenya?

car's license plate reflective sheeting for Kenya is generally made of reflective sheeting, which is a kind of reflective material used for reflective car license plate stickers and reflective motorbike number plates, made of glass beads and some polymer materials such as PVC or acrylic coating to form a reflective layer, made of pressure sensitive adhesive.

car's license plate reflective sheeting for Kenya

What does car's license plate reflective sheeting for Kenya do?

In terms of reflective film performance, reflective tape for the car's licence plate can provide laser security content through anti-counterfeiting technology, which is a highly advanced and economical anti-counterfeiting technology that embeds a flashing anti-counterfeiting pattern inside the reflective film to help people identify authenticity.

In terms of the current status of reflective number plate products, the plates used on most vehicles are made by applying flexible reflective film to an aluminum plate, then using a professional embossing machine to stamp out the numbering machine, and finally screen printing the colors on the numbers.

For example, the reflective film for commercial vehicles' number plates, such as buses usually uses black numbers on a yellow background. So it is applied to an aluminum plate with yellow reflective tape, then the numbers are punched out on the aluminum plate with reflective tape, and finally, black ink is used to print black on the numbers. The final reflective number plate made by this process is non-reflective numbers but with reflective tape underneath the numbers.

What are the other applications of reflective film?

In fact, Changzhou Hua R Sheng Reflective Material is a reflective film manufacturer with a wide range of different reflective products such as reflective film, night glow tape, micro prismatic reflective sheeting, Prismatic Reflective Film, photoluminescent film, and many more. In addition to car's license plate reflective sheeting for Kenya, reflective sheeting is used for safety signs, road signs, traffic signs, pinstripe tape, and more.

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