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What are the differents between reflective materials and fluorescent materials?
 Mar 08, 2022|View:215

In reflective materials factory tutor you choose reflective clothing skills in the summer this aspect, reflective materials Co., Ltd. know or understand the relevant situation analysis, let you in addition to understanding reflective materials. can have more understanding of the industry!

 reflected material

First, both require light to emit light, but fluorescent materials emit light at a longer wavelength than the light they illuminate. The reflected material does not change, but it may absorb some wavelengths of light. In general terms, fluorescent materials can make you look very bright, but not very bright because they just change the color of some light that is invisible to the naked eye to be visible to the naked eye, so that it will stand out.

But are basic color fluorescent material close to the color, reflective material is, no matter what your light shine after he would reverse reflection (orientation, high-end products can also be wide Angle reflection) he no matter what is the feature of light, such as a road sign on blue, the lights colour of the car have yellow and white, but drivers or passengers see is blue in the direction signs. Reflective materials, the stronger the light is, the brighter it will be. And reflective materials have an interesting feature: reflective, what is the difference between reflective materials and fluorescent materials? It doesn't matter if it's too far or too close but it works best at a certain distance.

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