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How to choose reflective materials?
 Mar 18, 2022|View:205

Reflective materials have been widely used in our daily life, such as traffic signs, reflective clothing of sanitation workers and other aspects, reflective vests are used as safety warning equipment, is made of net cloth and ordinary plain cloth. The key is the reflective material above the vest, is reflective lattice or a variety of brightness reflective cloth. The reflection is formed by the refraction of crystal lattice microrhombus and glass beads.

The reflective strip on the reflective vest can reflect the direct light from afar back to the luminous place. Especially at night, the visibility is as good as it is during the day. Easy to spot at night in the dark light of a vehicle. So in the face of so many reflective products on the market consumer how to choose?

reflective material

Want to assure the quality of glance material above all. In the past, we may think that luminous materials are toxic, so we must choose reflective materials with a certain quality assurance and regular manufacturers, so that we can ensure the quality of reflective materials and the safety of optical film in the process of use.

Second choice reflective material is the best choice has a certain reputation, the credibility of the manufacturer, using the simplest words, with the assurance of quality and service, so, if it is in no grasp, or don't know under the condition of reflective material, best choice has the reputation of manufacturers, so that they can protect their own consumer interests.

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