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Application of reflective materials in fabric industry
 Mar 23, 2022|View:280

Reflective material fabric is a kind of high-tech goods used in traffic safety -- all equipment, uniforms, work clothes, film, imitation protective clothing and people's life and property safety -- all related. This kind of reflective cloth is made by advanced technology after focusing on the principle of regression reflection of high refractive index glass beads. It can reflect distant direct light back to the luminous place, no matter in the day or night has a good reflection optical function. Visibility can be as high at night as it is during the day.

Characteristics of reflective material fabric:

Reflectance: Reflective materials fabrics with excellent reflectance brightness, such as a series of goods such as silver grey CPL typical reflectance intensity value 500 white and yellow fluorescent reflective plastic film CPL typical reflectance intensity 700, at night or vision, good environment to provide useful, fast full protection -- relying on their own safety.

Reflective materials

Wide Angle: reflective cloth is not only superior in reflective effect - in other brands of similar goods, but also has wide Angle, that is, the light from the appearance of reflective cloth and big view events can also get good reflective effect

Diversity: reflective cloth to match the characteristics and uses of other commodities, and reflective cloth, reflective hot pressing film, reflective word zhang film, reflective ribbon, reflective plastic film, reflective ink, reflective yarn, reflective mapping film and SOLAS products and other commodities matching use, has been convenient for users to choose.

Durability: Reflective material fabric has good aging resistance, wear resistance and water resistance. Can be washed or dry-cleaned, not easy to fall off, after continuous washing, can keep 75% of the original reflective effect.Reflective material fabric is widely used, with the favor of reflective fabric, this fabric is also widely used in people's life. The above is about the use of reflective material fabrics in various industries, I hope to help you.

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