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The development process of engineering-level reflective material
 Apr 13, 2022|View:436

Engineering grade reflective material was introduced in the 1980s, and many manufacturers began manufacturing this reflective material in China. Since the 1940s, this material has been used successfully in the manufacture of traffic signs. Engineering grade reflective material allows drivers to detect signs and reflective objects in front of their routes earlier in the night, solving to varying degrees the following challenges that have plagued road traffic safety management at the time.

reflective material

The engineering grade reflective materialbacking, generally divided into pressure sensitive and thermal sensitive, can be pasted. Using the same ink using screen printing technology, you can also print a variety of patterns. The project-grade reflective material is suitable for the aluminum bottom plate, and the construction operation temperature is generally required to be 18 °C. The temperature is too low, will affect the performance of the viscose, leading to signs of liver injury. The useful life of engineering-grade reflective material is typically three to seven years, depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer a seven-year quality guarantee for the engineering-grade reflective material, which retains at least 50% of the initial brightness value for seven years. Some offer only a three-and five-year warranty. The brightness stability, brightness intensity, and wearability of engineering-grade reflective material are important criteria for studying the quality of such reflective material. In these links, cutting corners in any one link can reduce the cost of the product, but its quality will be greatly affected, especially the difference in weather resistance and photometric parameters, it can reflect the quality of engineering-grade reflective material.

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