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How standard is the reflective material on a car
 Apr 08, 2022|View:405

As one of the guarantees of vehicle safety, the reflective material of the car body must be standardly pasted to play its role, and if it is not pasted according to the standard, it will face traffic punishment. Today I will tell you how to stick the reflective material on the rear body.

reflective material

First, the rear body reflective materialshould reflect the width and height of the rear part of the vehicle as much as possible. The horizontal reflective sign reflects the width of the rear part of the vehicle and the vertical reflective sign reflects the height of the rear part of the vehicle. The intersection at the rear corner of the cargo hold shall be a white unit. When the rear cargo structure can not meet the requirements of the white unit, three-wheeled vehicles, low-speed trucks, minivans, and some light trucks can cross red and white, but the upper part of the vertical paste unit should be a white unit. The reflective material on the back of the truck and trailer should reflect the outline of the cargo hold.

Second, different grades of body reflective material should not be applied to the rear of the vehicle. The sum of the area of the first-class car body reflective marking material and the rear reflector is not less than 0.1 square meters, and the sum of the area of the car body reflective material and the rear reflector is not less than 0.2 square meters.

The body reflective material shall be continuously pasted, if not continuously pasted, intermittently pasted, but each continuous length shall not be less than 300mm and shall contain at least one unit of red and white body reflective material, pasting interval should be less than 100mm. In special cases, separate pasting of red and white cells is allowed, but the red and white cells should be kept. Each continuous length is not less than 150 mm, pasting interval is less than 100 mm. If not along the back of the car, both sides of the vertical paste can be pasted on the width of 50 mm of the nearest edge surface, the reflection of the upper edge of the car body as close as possible to the back of the upper edge.

Car body reflective materials want to be able to reflect light clearly at night, but also need to have good quality assurance. Our products have passed various international standards testing and national certification, if you want to know more about body reflective materials, you can contact us.

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