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The importance of reflective material for the safe driving of vehicles
 Apr 06, 2022|View:504

China is rapidly growing into one of the top auto markets, but the injuries caused by traffic accidents are also among the highest in the world, with a large proportion of traffic accidents at night caused by driving with unclear vision and driving too fast, the death rate of traffic accidents is high at night, most of them are malignant accidents.

reflective material

Reflective material enhances body recognition and is an important indicator of vehicle location. When driving at night, the rear vehicle can find out in time and take braking measures within the effective safe distance, thus reducing the accident rate. Although it is a small body reflective sign, the role is not small. Drivers should be aware that at night when driving, lighting can be said to be the driver's language and eyes. In light, reflective materialcan clearly reflect the car's silhouette and driving state, maintaining good reflective performance even in harsh environments. The driver of the rear vehicle makes an accurate judgment based on this information and takes necessary measures to ensure driving safety. At night, the reflective material's reflective effect ensures that vehicles can be spotted hundreds of meters away. At the same time, the night can clearly outline the outline of a large car body, improve the visibility of vehicles at night, and actively reduce accidents.

Reflective material also needs good quality assurance in order to be able to reflect light clearly at night. For more information about reflective material, please contact us.

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