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Reflective materials have been widely used in many fields
 Apr 15, 2022|View:560

In recent years, reflective materials have been widely used in various fields because of their unique reflective effect. At present, the reflective material factory's application mainly concentrates on two big market domains one is the plan special market, and two in the civil market.

reflective material

The so-called planned special market generally refers to areas where reflective materials must be used in accordance with state directives and regulations, such as the public security, traffic, sanitation department staff uniforms, road signs, signs, marking lines, mines, railways, and other field operations personnel clothing, braces, etc. . At present, there are laws and regulations around the world, traffic signs, signs, markings and so on must use reflective materials.

The application of reflective materials in traffic signs, signs, and marking lines has greatly reduced the incidence of traffic accidents and promoted the safety relationship between vehicles and roads, between vehicles and vehicles. Road traffic workers, aviation ground crew, firefighters, miners and rescue workers, and other professional clothing for high visibility warning clothing.

These garments visually highlight the presence of the wearer, serve as a warning to others and prevent accidents, both during the day and at night when illuminated by light, reflective materials in the planned market applications have formed a considerable scale.

The civil market generally refers to light industry, mines, railways, student clothing, all kinds of clothing, clothing, hats, luggage, and other fields. It is used in the form of strips, characters, and decorative patterns to increase the visible distance of the product at night and greatly enhance the Factor of safety of the wearer. Moreover, with the enhancement of People's safety consciousness, the civil market expands gradually. In addition, reflective materials are used in some art and advertising industries to enhance the aesthetic and aesthetic value of art, but also at night to improve the visibility of advertising distance.

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