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Market analysis of reflective materials
 Apr 22, 2022|View:421

Reflective materials, also known as retroreflective materials or retroreflective materials, can be technically divided into glass beads and micro prisms, they are made according to the principle of spherical regression reflection formed by high refractive index glass beads or the principle of cubic angle regression reflection formed by micro-lattices formed by transparent resins, which can reflect light back to the light source, thus produces the extremely good reflection effect and the warning function.

reflective material

The downstream market of the reflective film includes the fields of road traffic safety, traffic safety, engineering, advertising, etc., the main application scenarios are road signs, vehicle license plates, vehicle, and maritime transport safety signs, anti-collision cones, billboards, etc. . Reflective materials industry is a market-oriented, fully competitive industry, products face international and domestic competition. If the market competition intensifies, may cause the oversupply, the product price drop, then causes the industry gross profit rate to decline. If the enterprise can not take an active and effective strategy to respond successfully, the enterprise's gross profit rate may be reduced, operating performance may be adversely affected. Some of the raw materials used in the production of reflective materials are dangerous chemicals with the characteristics of being inflammable, explosive, and volatile, such as improper operation or management easy to cause fire, explosion, and other safety accidents.

Reflective materials are mainly used in road signs, billboards, automobiles, and other fields. In recent years, the downstream industry has been developing slowly, and the growth rate of the reflective materials market has slowed down. Benefiting from the development of the new energy automobile industry, the application prospect of reflective materials in the automobile field is good in the future.

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