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Selection method of reflective material
 Apr 29, 2022|View:413

Reflective material is widely used in our daily life, such as in traffic signs, reflective clothing of sanitation workers, etc., reflective materialuses the micro-rhombus of the crystal lattice to produce refraction and the refraction effect of glass beads to form reflection.

reflective material

Reflecting stripes on reflective material reflects light from a distance back to the source, especially at night, when it can be as visible as it is during the day, it is easy to be seen in the dark light of night by the driver of the vehicle. So how do we choose among so many manufacturers of reflective material in the market?

The first step is to ensure the quality of reflective material. Before, people may think that the luminescent material is toxic, so for reflective material, it is necessary to choose one with certain quality assurance and made by regular manufacturers, in this way, the quality of reflective material and the safety of the optical film in use can be guaranteed. Secondly, it is better to choose reflective material from reputable manufacturers. The most simple way to say reputable manufacturers is to guarantee quality and service, if you are not sure or do not know the case of reflective material, it is best to choose a reputable manufacturer, so as to be able to ensure their own consumer interests.

Our products have passed a variety of international standards testing and national certification. If you would like to learn more about reflective materials, please contact us.

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