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Classification and technical standard of reflective material
 May 06, 2022|View:434

There are many ways to classify reflective material. The generally accepted classification principle is based on the basic structure of reflective elements and the ranking method is based on the reflective material's positive reflectance. However, considering the different processes of reflective material, some of them are designed to solve the problem of non-positive retroreflection brightness, some of them have both performances, and some of them are designed to meet the needs of bad weather, so this kind of classification method also has the shortcoming. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with the application conditions and design functions of different reflective materials.

reflective material

According to the structure of the reflective material reflective unit, reflective material is traditionally divided into two categories, glass bead reflective material, and micro prism reflective material. Each type of reflective material also includes many types, such as the micro-prism reflective material, whose material selection and prism structure, have changed a lot due to more advanced technology, and can cope with more traffic demand. According to the form and technical characteristics of prisms, the micro-prism type reflective material can be divided into reflective material with good long-range reflection ability and reflective material with good short-range reflection ability, as well as all-prism reflective material, fluorescent all-prism reflective material with good performance in the daytime and severe weather conditions, prism reflective material with traditional engineering-grade retroreflective parameters, and so on. The glass bead type reflective material appears earlier, but its technological change is less, there are mainly two types, one is lens embedded reflective material, which is customarily called engineering grade reflective material, and the other is sealed capsule type, which is often referred to as highly reflective material. In the lens embedded reflective material, due to its long history, different manufacturers, in the long manufacturing process, using the lens diameter, density, and thickness of the weather-resistant coating, many kinds of reflective material, such as super-engineering reflective material, are made, mainly based on the engineering reflective material, using higher quality glass beads and increasing the density of glass beads to increase some brightness; Commonly known as economic-grade reflective material, mainly produced in China, is basically based on the technology of engineering-grade reflective material by reducing the number and density of lenses (glass beads), its reflective ability can not meet the needs of traffic safety, more is used in the commercial field, in the international few to include it in the light of traffic safety standards.

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