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Analysis of market scale and industry development of reflective materials
 May 13, 2022|View:431

The reflective material belongs to special optical application thin-film material, which is made of resin, pigment, glass beads etc. . Generally speaking, reflective materials include reflective film and reflective cloth two categories.

reflective material

Due to China's rapid economic development in recent years, China's highway construction, automobile industry, urbanization construction, and advertising industry have been in a state of high-speed development, therefore, the need for reflective material products is also increasing. The increase in market demand will naturally promote the production of enterprises, thus constantly promoting the development of the reflective materials industry. In a good market environment, the overall strength of the industry limits the market share and market competitiveness of domestic products to further enhance. At present, reflective materials are mainly used in three major areas such as road traffic, automobiles, and outdoor advertising. With the development of our country in recent years, these three major areas have developed rapidly, and the civilian reflective material market is also gradually expanding. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for development in the future. The market scale of reflective materials in China will develop rapidly in the next few years. The annual compound growth rate is about 8%. The market scale of reflective materials in China is expected to reach 13.5 billion yuan by 2025.

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