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The significance of reflective material for traffic safety
 May 20, 2022|View:278

Reflective materialis widely used in various road traffic safety facilities such as traffic sign lines, protruding road signs, contour signs, traffic cones, anti-collision cones, etc., it can be divided into reflective material of traffic signs, reflective material of road marking, protruding road marking, outline marking and so on.

It may be a traffic sign standing on the side of the road, or it may be the bright outline of a truck, a truck body, or sometimes a warning sticker on the back of a dangerous goods vehicle. In fact, it is the guard of traffic safety, it exists on every corner of the Traffic Road.

reflective material

1. Reflective film

Reflective material, as the main branch of reflective material, can provide excellent road reflective signs visual effect, and ensure smooth traffic and traffic safety.

The product line of reflective material is very rich, including China National Standard Five categories (Diamond Grade), four categories (Super Grade), three categories (high intensity), and one category (engineering grade) reflective film, widely used in highways, urban roads, national and provincial trunk roads, and rural roads. At the same time, the product's weather resistance is good, the production process is more environmental protection, and the processing process is more convenient, leading to the global reflection technology innovation.

2. The road reflective sign

The road reflective sign adopts the special road nail glue technology, which makes the prominent road sign and the asphalt or the cement road surface bond super strong, adapt to the different traffic conditions, and the drop rate is very low. Reflective material can meet the safety needs of road users and ensure the safety of vehicles and road users.

3. The reflective sign of the car body

The reflective sign of the car body has the advantages of high brightness, large-angle reflection, firm paste, and durability. It can clearly outline the body of a large vehicle at night, improve the visual perception of the vehicle at night, ensure that the vehicle can effectively detect the distance of 300 meters, and actively reduce the occurrence of accidents. The rear sign plate is installed on the rear part of the vehicle body to enhance the night vision of the vehicle, which can effectively reduce the possibility of major traffic accidents.

Our products have passed a variety of international standards testing and national certification. If you would like to learn more about reflective materials, please contact us.

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