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Body reflective material placement method
 Jun 17, 2022|View:260

Body reflective materialshall be affixed to the exposed, visible, flat, continuous, dust-free, water-free, oil-free, rust-free, paint-free, upturned body surface. Reflective material is one of the most popular reflective film products in the domestic market. Reflective material is used more and more widely, and more friends are interested in the application of basic knowledge in the use of reflective material. So here is a brief talk for you to understand.

reflective material

1. Clean the glass. Before sticking film, should require the technician to thoroughly clean the glass, generally can be used from wet to dry, from top to bottom wipe clean, and then wipe the glass edge.

2. Clean environment paste. Regular film operations should be in a closed clean indoor environment, which can prevent dust sandwiched between the film and glass, street open-air construction is not desirable.

3. Observe carefully after applying the film. Sit in the car to see whether the color of the film is uniform and whether the inclusion of debris and bubbles, in a variety of angles outside should not affect the line of sight.

It should be noted that the reflective material surface should be wiped clean of dust before pasting. Oil Stains, stains of the parts, the application of soft cloth dipped in degreasing solvents or cleaning agents to remove, dry after the paste. For areas where the paint has become soft, powdery, rusty, or upturned, remove the paint, sand the area with sandpaper and anti-rust treatment, and then paste reflective material on the body.

Based on market demand, many companies that originally produced reflective material can now offer solutions for their security products.

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