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Cars use reflective material for introduction and classification
 Jul 11, 2022|View:438

Reflective materialhas many advantages, such as long-distance, big angle and good appearance, wear-resisting, not easy to break down and aging. It is also a trend for the whole vehicle in the future.

reflective material

There are two types of reflective tape:

One is a reflective material, which is based on the requirements of GB23254 for goods vehicles and trailers. It also belongs to the national inspection of compulsory safety supplies.

The other is the reflector, according to the production, manufacturers according to the reflector or reflector application CQC products and factory certification, testing according to GB11564-2008 IV testing requirements; The reflective performance is higher than that of reflective material, and the CCC Certificate can be obtained.

Many manufacturers are still developing reflective material, which is produced using a different mode of production and process from reflective material, which is made up of reflective material printing, truncation, and embossing processes, and reflective material, which is designed optically, die development, plastic injection molding, ultrasonic welding, film protection, and packaging and other key processes, but also the cost varies greatly.

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