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The production technology of micro prismatic reflective sheeting is introduced
 Jul 12, 2022|View:421

Micro prismatic reflective sheetingis widely used in our country, and the reflection coefficient made in China is getting better and better, not only from the reflective performance, production, and processing methods, energy-saving, higher quality than high-grade, high-grade raw materials, and the price is also very high.

micro prismatic reflective sheeting

The basic principle of micro prismatic reflective sheeting is different from that of engineering project grade and high-intensity grade reflective film. Since then, our enterprises have also invented a full prism reflective film, its theoretical backlight structure to achieve 100% of the total area. Now, the reflective materials used for road traffic signs have already had a very big development, for road traffic safety has a strong technical guarantee.

Different reflective materials, their production process is also different. Some micro prismatic reflective sheeting is hand-carved on heating rollers immediately to create the necessary fine prisms, which are then pressed onto a wall mount; others are hand-carved μm prisms on steel carriers, the strip ladle is then placed on the hot roll and then pressed against the wall.

Thus, no matter what kind of reflective material, the production process can not be separated from the heating roller. The quality of micro prismatic reflective sheeting is immediately related to the characteristics of the heating roll.

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