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The material part that makes up the Hot Stamping Foil for License Plate
 Jul 12, 2022|View:191

Hot Stamping Foil for License Plateis a kind of Hot Stamping Foil made by coating and vacuum evaporation. Hot Stamping Foil for License Plate is made by rewinding the finished product after coating the release layer, color layer, vacuum aluminizing, and then coating the adhesive layer on the film. Hot Stamping Foil for License Plate generally consists of a base film layer, detachment layer, color layer, aluminum plating layer, and adhesive layer.

Hot Stamping Foil for License Plate

Substrate layer: generally using 16μm thick biaxially stretched polyester film; the main role is to support the coating attached to the top and easy to hot stamping process of continuous action. This means that the base film in the hot stamping process can not be due to temperature deformation, should have a strong, tensile, high-temperature resistance and other properties.

Release layer: generally mainly from the organic silicone resin coating. The second detachment layer in the electrolytic aluminum foil is mainly composed of silicone resin, which is mainly used in hot stamping, whether before heating or pressure, it will make pigment, aluminum, and glue layer, which can be quickly removed from the film and be transferred to stick to the surface of the hot stamping object so that in the anodized and composition of which there is a process is the separation layer, and the separation layer contains a chemical. The separation layer should have good separation performance, otherwise, it will make the image and text after hot stamping blurred, exposing hair, and affecting the quality of hot stamping products.

Color layer: the color layer of the main components are film-forming, heat resistance, and transparency of the appropriate synthetic resin and dyes. The main role of the color layer has two: 1, display color. 2, to protect hot stamping on the surface of the articles in the aluminum coating graphics and text are not oxidized.

Aluminum coating: the aluminum coating is the colored layer of the film, placed in a continuous aluminum plating machine in the vacuum chamber, in a certain degree of vacuum, through resistance heating, aluminum wire melting and continuous evaporation to the film of the color layer, the formation of an aluminum coating, the main role is to reflect light, change the color properties of the layer, and make it shiny.

Adhesive layer: adhesive layer with a fusible thermoplastic resin, through the coating machine in the aluminum layer, after drying that adhesive layer. The main role of the adhesive layer is to stick hot stamping materials on the hot stamping object.

Hot Stamping Foil for License Plate is widely used and popular. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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