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Features and applications of Glow in dark tape
 Nov 30, 2022|View:423

Glow in dark tape is also called warning tape, logo tape, floor tape, floor tape, landmark tape, etc. . PVC film is based on tape, coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive made.

Glow in dark tape

What are the characteristics of Glow in dark tape?

1. Strong viscosity, which can be used for ordinary cement floor

2. It's easier than painting the floor

3. Not only can be used in the ordinary ground but also can be used in wood floors, tiles, marble, walls, and machines.

Scope of use of glow in dark tape:

Glow in dark tape can be used for warning signs on the ground, on columns, in buildings, in traffic, etc.

Such as floor area warnings, packing box sealing warnings, product packaging warnings,s and so on.

When Glow in the dark tape is taped to the ground, staircases, and doors, it can also be seen at a glance at night without having to fumble around in the dark to keep pedestrians safe.

Then there are the stairwells of high-rise buildings, which can be taped to the stairs as double insurance, so you don't have to worry about losing your view of the stairs if one of the lights breaks accidentally.

We have 18 years of experience in the research and production of reflective materials. There are many styles of glow in dark tape to choose from. Paste on the ground, Wall, and machine to prohibit, warn, remind and emphasize the role. Please contact us directly if you need anything from us.

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